TextNow Wireless Premium App Subscription [EXP]

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TextNow Wireless Premium App Subscription [EXP]
An average TextNow Wireless phone bill is $19. You can try it at risk-free. There is no hidden fees and contracts. You have a 30 Day money back guarantee.
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TextNow Wireless offers affordable wireless service with a focus on VOIP calls. It uses a hybrid of Wi-Fi + cellular for texting and calling. 3 Years ago, TextNow popped up under the Wireless cellular market. But, it is able to make up at the top in the overall competition. TextNow Wireless Subscriptions is at a cheap price and a great value. On a TextNow Wireless Plan, you can have 2GB LTE data with unlimited 2G text and call at just $19.99 per month.

You might have also heard a bit bad feedback about TextNow voice quality in late 2016. However, the customers have realized the improved service at now. We can consider a fair call quality in the newly emerged service at the late time. However, you can have up to 4G data service at TextNow Wireless in 2018. The service is on continuous upgrade and you will now find a new TextNow Wireless subscription plan. The most popular is 5GB LTE 4G plan that costs about $29.99 per month. It is meant for LTE devices on CDMA network. You will have overall features and functionality available on 5GB LTE. But, only the difference it lacks is unlimited LTE that costs about $39.99 per month for full service.

TextNow Wireless App

TextNow also offers Windows, Android and iOS app for all of its customers. You can use your own private phone number to call from your iPod, Tablet, and Laptops. TextNow offers a good phone selection for your Kids. It is highly useful for Parents looking for an affordable line for Kids. It will help you save money for those who always seek high-speed data.

TextNow Wireless comes with a total flexibility and easy to control and operate. You can easily change your service plans, view data statistics, update your payment details. It offers a premium app to manipulate the customer’s ease of service.

TextNow Wireless Premium

TextNow Wireless Premium bundles the most common premium features at a cheap cost. You have only 3 things upgraded on TextNow Premium. The first common is the banner Ad removal from TextNow app. You will have an activated call forwarding as the second advantage on TextNow Premium. You can forward TextNow call to any of your phone number in US and Canada. The final upgrade is the TextNow premium phone number locking. Now, you won’t have to worry about your number getting deactivated in case of inactivity for a long time.

You need to note that you have the Premium features only at monthly or Yearly based subscriptions. It will set up to auto review every month or year. You will be in need to log out and then log in to quickly access your TextNow Premium functionality. You can also cancel or modify your premium subscription plan from the TextNow app itself. Just check on the Manage Premium subscription at the app.

TextNow Family Plans

You must have also heard about TextNow Family plans. You can have 3 unlimited lines for $100 per month. It is best to use for your Family and Kids. We also have a discount whenever you combine two or more lines together on most data plans. You can also save an additional $10 per line when you combine more than one line together. It suits you the best for unlimited text, data and calling for your Family. You can also have separate data plans for family members. All of them are at the most affordable cost. Finally, you can manage billing and plans for multiple members with a single primary TextNow account.

8.5 Total Score

TextNow Wireless is also a good choice for frequent travelers. You can use it freely at wherever you locate. TextNow automatically monitors signal quality and perfectly switches between Wi-Fi, 4G LTE and voice. Finally, you have a perfect service for your smartphone.

  • Super cheap plans.
  • Unlimited calling to US and Canada.
  • A free SIM Card.
  • A Premium app at a low cost.
  • A phone number across other devices.
  • Voice quality is not always at the best on Sprint 4G network at a certain area.
  • Only third-party financing available at 10% to 30% interest rates.
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