Seed4.Me VPN Free Download 1 Year Premium Subscription [EXP]

Seed4.Me VPN service yearly costs $36 for a premium subscription. But, there is promotional giveaway offer held on its website where everyone can get this VPN 1 Year free download. The offer includes 1 Year of valid subscription without spending any money.

Interested users just need to visit the promo page, download and install the software application. After installation, it automatically gets activated and shows up 365 days left for expiration.

Promo page and the download link are available at the end of this post. Also, remember that this is a full product giveaway and it doesn’t require any identification details or credit card number. Once installed, you can enjoy using it free for 12 Months/ 1 Year / 365 Days.

1 Year Premium Subscription Overview

Seed4.Me is a VPN service company that commonly provides anonymous VPN access all around the world. Previously, it was not much known among VPN service provider. But because of its reliability and security, it is starting to gain popularity among the users. Honestly, Seed4.Me is quite new in the online VPN service market. So, it could be the reason behind its promotional offer of providing the premium subscription free for 1 Year. Currently, it only supports IP of 12 different countries. Support for more countries is in the development process.

Seed4.Me Free VPN Service Key Features

One of the key features of any VPN service is just to provide a reliable, secure way to surf the internet without any restriction.

  • The encrypted tunnel of Wi-Fi connection prevents exposure of your IP address.
  • Protects your privacy and ensures data safety on open Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • It keeps you anonymous and safe while surfing online.
  • It helps to unblock any Geo IP restricted web content.
  • You can select the virtual location of your device with different IP address.
  • It supports up to 21 different countries that also includes USA, UK, Canada, and others.
  • It works in both automatic and manual mode as per user’s choice.

Seed4.Me VPN Free 1 Year Premium Subscription Test Results

We performed Seed4.Me VPN service test on an average performing computer. Once you visit the promo page, you don’t need any registration details. Just download it and install, then the setup process gets completed at no time. However, there was a problem during installation completion. The program lagged for a short while. It was not able to display the main interface. Then we decided to reboot the computer. The full reboot took about 1 minutes 45 seconds which is 3 times greater than before. Finally, it started working with 1 Year full premium subscription. It took about 15 seconds to connect to American server IP. We didn’t find any bug in this program at all. A bit slower performance is considerable on our average performing computer. After all, you are getting this multi-device support VPN software free for 1 Year.

Be sure that you need to register other devices for multiple device license support with the same key. The registration process is quite handy. You just need to enter your email address and the desired password. It is not necessary to open the web browser. Rather, you can perform it in a single step from the software itself.

Help and Technical Support

If you encounter any issues on this service use, just right-click on the program taskbar icon then click on support. It will open your email client with everything already filled up except you need to describe your problem a bit. Remember that the support response could be a delay on weekends.

The supported operating systems are Microsoft Windows, iOS and Mac devices. It also supports previous versions of Windows such as XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Besides, Linux Ubuntu versions are available.

Why Choose Seed4.Me VPN Service?

Using your device in open Wi-Fi network could be vulnerable to security. You might need to use Facebook, Twitter, Gmail accounts on public Wi-Fi networks where there could be unknown threats. Seed4.Me VPN is the best choice in that situation where you like to prevent your data from getting hacked, locked or corrupted by threats. With an active VPN, there will be no way of anyone spying your online activities. Moreover, most of the latest supported operating system and mobile platforms have built-in support for Seed4u VPN. That means you don’t need to install software or app to gain VPN access. You can connect to the Country of your own choice at any time without spending extra money.

Seed4.Me Download
8.3 Total Score

Seed4.Me is simple but smart VPN provider with support for all of your devices in a single license. If you are looking for less expensive and highly reliable VPN service, it could be your best choice.

Value For Money
  • Unlimited volume based.
  • Very simple and incredibly easy to use.
  • It protects your online privacy.
  • Support for multiple devices with one license.
  • Easy to operate using software application.
  • 24/7 online customer service for premium users.
  • Support for various languages.
  • Refunds money in case of dissatisfaction.
  • Trial or unregistered version has certain limitation.
  • Technical support could take a delay in response.
  • Fast operation requires additional connectivity request.
  • A bit sluggish during installation completion.
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  1. Hey the page you provided gave me only 7 days free, I downloaded the program and installed. Before that I signed up with my email and I used a public invitation, after I installed the program I logged in and it shows only 7 days!

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