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ScanGuard Advanced Antivirus 2018 Sale Discount 75%

$12.25 $49

Get Total Protection for Your Devices & Files with ScanGuard Advanced Antivirus 2018 Sale offer. Buy now at 75% Discount Today with a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. ScanGuard makes computers up to 77% faster, 117% longer battery life and 75GB more Disk Space.

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ScanGuard is a newly introduced powerful type of antivirus solution. It is commonly famous in USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. We have ScanGuard Advanced Antivirus 2018 Sale going on. Now, everybody can purchase its license key at 75% discount. Single subscription of this product can absolutely protect your Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. So, truthfully ScanGuard Advanced Antivirus 2018 is a cross-platform antivirus security solution. It can provide right protection to your desktop, laptop, and smart-phones. The database includes accurate detection technology for protection against old and newly emerging zero-day threats. It is well designed to protect your digital world at the present time.

Before you take any decision regarding the purchase, I highly recommend reading its features review. It will help you to find out the actual reality of this antivirus product.

ScanGuard Advanced Antivirus 2018 Salient Features

You can download ScanGuard Advanced Antivirus 2018 sale at 75% discount today. Then you can feel the difference with its various key functionality.

It comes with an active firewall feature considering to protect your privacy online from any harmful activity.

ScanGuard 2018 uses internet security technology. It is prominently helpful to protect you against any cyber threats and malware such as Trojans. ScanGaurd always keeps your data safe and secure.

It can tune-up PC eliminating any useless process, delaying unnecessary services and memory junks. The module also displays the list of heavy files that are occupying unnecessary disk space.

Antivirus feature is active all the time to protect you against any malware threats. The signature database can detect old and new threats also by analyzing program behavior.

Yes, ScanGuard Advanced Antivirus 2018 comes with parental control feature. It is designed to protect your kids from viewing harmful and inappropriate online content.

Free VPN Service is another expected feature of this security solution. It is very useful to protect your online activity and privacy. They have no logs policy so you will be safe online at all time whether you watch Netflix or access censored website. Your ISP and Government agencies will not be able to track you down.

ScanGuard Advanced Antivirus 2018 will typically improve your web browser performance. It will remove unnecessary browser junks and old history with a single click.

You must have noticed your device getting slow down over time to time. ScanGaurd Advanced Antivirus 2018 automatically identifies the specific processes that causing troubles in the system. Finally, it helps boost up your PC performance.

ScanGuard Advanced Antivirus 2018 Sale 75% Discount Offer.

While ScanGaurd Advanced Antivirus 2018 costs $49 for 1 Year of full protection subscription, we have a special discount offer. The ScanGuard Advanced Antivirus 2018 sale is at 75% off the actual price of the product. Now, you can have a heavy saving of $36.75 in this precious security product. It supports protection up to 3 simultaneous devices for 1 Year. So, why not buy this overall effective antivirus solution at just $12.25. I highly recommend you to get a huge saving now before its gone!

ScanGaurd Antivirus 2018 75% OFF - Buy Now!

Get Total Protection for Your Devices & Files with ScanGuard Advanced Antivirus 2018 Sale offer. Buy now at 75% Discount Today with a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. ScanGuard makes computers up to 77% faster, 117% longer battery life and 75GB more Disk Space.

$12.25 $49

9.5 Total Score

ScanGuard Advanced Antivirus 2018 has not missed any single feature that we would like to get in a security solution. The price is very cheap and because of our sale offer why not buy it at just $12.25 for 1 Year Subscription.

  • It comes with very powerful VPN service.
  • The customer service is fantastic.
  • It is only the security solution that comes with overall expected features at the lowest price.
  • A single license key supports all of your devices.
  • The free trial version is not available.
  • It is a newly established security company yet not recognized by ever antivirus users.
  • It doesn’t come with a basic antivirus app for iOS devices.
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