SafeLink Wireless Promo Code [EXP]

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SafeLink Wireless Promo Code [EXP]
Get a Free cellphone via the excellent Lifeline Government Benefit Program! It is a limited time offer for new customers, who will receive a free smartphone with unlimited texts, 850 FREE minutes for four months and 500MB of FREE data. No monthly bills, no contract and no credit check!
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You need to understand that there is no actual thing as SafeLink Wireless promo code. It is better understood in a way of discount on cellular phone plans. However, SafeLink wireless is completely free for eligible consumers. The service is free not only with our SafeLink Wireless promo code to enroll on free smartphone program.

But, you must have our SafeLink Wireless promo code to extend your phone credit service. It is simply because the free service comes with a limitation on voice and data. You might get confused regarding our discount code on free plans. So, we have to clarify the facts of the service discount using a promo code.


SafeLink Wireless is the lifeline supported service. It seems like a Government benefit program. To start using a free service, firstly you must enroll the program with your location zip code. SafeLink only allows eligible participants to enter in the free smartphone program. But, you may have a limitation on free data and voice call. However, everybody can enjoy unlimited texts for at least four months. Significantly, Safelink doesn’t allow service transfer to any of the free consumers. The service limits one person per household. In addition, you must provide valid documents during your enrollment process.

Besides, SafeLink Wireless promo code is powered by TracFone Wireless, Inc.  TracFone appears like US largest cellular service. It has over 20 million active subscribers. TracFone service important vision includes No Bills, No-Contract, and No-Surprises policy. Therefore, it has become subsidiary of the top phone company across the World. It is biggest in all areas of United States.


SafeLink provides you a compatible and unlocked smartphone for free service usage. We verified that most of the GSM smartphones are compatible with the service SIM Card. Most importantly, all 2019 free deals at SafeLink Wireless phone program varies by State.

Unlike other cellular service providers, you don’t need to enter your billing contract details during signup. You always have freedom of service with no hidden fees. As well as, SafeLink permits all users to keep their existing mobile device and number on service transfer. The tower carries signals in 30 major carriers in America.


Most of the US People find SafeLink Wireless promo code as a 100% free service plan. Now, you can enjoy our best deals free for your convenience. SafeLink is the most popular Wireless communication industry in the US. Each month roughly 260 consumers look for SafeLink Wireless promo code. It is highly popular in the US because of free smartphone program.

The company provides free talk, text, and data only for qualified participants. An existing customer can simply log in to My SafeLink portal. Hence, every old and new customer can enjoy the service at free of cost.

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SafeLink is concerned on federal government benefit program. It provides a free mobile phone service to income-eligible residents. To qualify, income must be at a certain level, or the user must already participate in another state or federal assistance programs such as SSI, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Section 8, or others (Not accepting TANF benefits).

  • Free voicemail, caller ID and call waiting.
  • Free technical support.
  • Lost phone replacement and a free SIM Card.
  • Stolen or lost phone replaced once every 12 Months
  • A free replacement SIM requires a compatible phone.
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