Panda Internet Security 2017 free 180 days trial

Panda Internet Security 2017 costs MSRP $49.99 for 1 Year license key. It comes with 30 days trial version for free use. But, there is promotional offer led by Panda where everyone can enjoy using this product free for 180 days.

Once you have installed the software, it will automatically get activated for 6 Months or 180 days. There is no need to enter any extra license key or activation code.

After download, just install, and it will show up 180 days trial remaining.

Panda Pro Security 2018 has a higher amount of users in India. So, it could have the best choice in all Indian market. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your PC safety in other countries when using Panda. India is a well-developed country in IT sector and stands among tops on technology. So, we assume that the product provides a high-level security. Besides, it has millions of users worldwide and stands among the top security software of 2018.

180 Days Trial Basic Overview

Panda Internet Security free 180 days trial additionally comes with features such as firewall, parental controls, safe browser and spam protection. There is not much to criticize its detection capability, but there was a slight effect on system performance when we set it to the highest security.

There are many entirely new extra features added to Panda Internet Security 2017 free 180 days trial. The company says it has improved and tuned aspects of the program. Thus, it ensures that the program provides thorough, up-to-date protection against viruses and other online threats. Like most security programs. Panda Internet Security 2017 receives regular updates to cope with newly discovered viruses. The perfect feature is ‘behavior analysis’ technique which detects other files and applications on your PC that is typically not confirmed as viruses. In spite, it appears to be behaving threateningly or suspiciously. The program also includes new standard features to ensure safety on the PC. Though the features worked well, they are also on other rival security programs. However, Panda Internet Security 2017 free 180 days trial has a few features that make it stand out from the crowd. Regardless, other elements weren’t always clearly explained.

Our Test on the 6 Months free trial product

On our test, first, it took a couple of minutes to download the 6 months free trial product. The download and installation process didn’t take much. The setup was overall easy and automatic. After installation, we can see it providing 365 days remaining. But there was a one-time popup box displaying extra offers. We consider it as a bit annoying. However, we have to find one of the most respected Independent Lab AV-Test and ours. In conclusion to the test results, the product could not be doubt to provide excellent protection against both online and offline threats.

Panda Internet Security 6 months free trial has received satisfactory results on Independent Lab test. It accurately identified and removed more than 22,000 of all known zero-day threats with its heuristic detection technology. It scored 92% on its effectiveness although the results were the false positives. After all, it proved itself to be the best Internet Security Suite around.

We conducted the test on average speed computer running the latest version of Windows 10 OS. Our research concluded it to be slightly affecting system performance. The system was bit slower as compared to others. It just scored 62% on that, but there is no need to doubt on its effectiveness.

The missing feature of this product is Social Network Protection essential to monitor kids’ collaboration with sites for possible threats such as cyberbullying.

Panda Internet Security 2017 180 days free trial

Help and Support

Panda’s official website contains tons of knowledge base, FAQs, and support forum. It lacks telephone and online live chat support. Though, ticket email support is available without any extra cost. Users can usually reach customer service via email while phone support is only available on business days and not for 24/7. Besides, they charge extra money for premium support that also includes live chat and telephone support 24/7.

Panda Internet Security 2017 key features

Panda internet security 2017 free 180 days trial comes with an added key features such as folder encryption, active protection, safe browsing and much more.

  • New license activation process, seems to be much easier than previous versions.
  • Checks real-time threats on the process and watches over URLs accessed by each.
  • Advanced network manager and remote control feature.
  • Allows safe browsing in a virtual environment which is also known as sandboxing.
  • Suggest if the URL is secure for browsing and blocks malicious URL.
  • Panda Safe Vault is useful for encrypting or decryption of personal files.
  • Allows to set up rules for program control and enabled recommended regulations by Panda and prevents intrusion on the computer.
  • Controls unknown application when it tries to run.
  • Separate web filtering also called parental control blocks your kids access to the harmful sites.
  • New GUI with URL filtering, safe CD, and USB Vaccine.
  • Rescue the system from virus corruption.
  • Ensure safety of password when typed using clickable typing virtual keyboard.
  • Protects data from virus access or corruption.
  • Optimizes PC for better performance.
  • Updated antivirus engine, firewall system, Intrusion Prevention System and behavioral analysis.

Panda also includes a simple backup tool for making copies of necessary files. However, it was disabled by default and left us looking in vain for a way to enable it. The online manual didn’t provide much help. Panda Internet Security 2017 provides a comprehensive set of antivirus security features, and price it offers is competitive with rivals. However, its ease of use could have been a lot better.

Panda Internet Security 2017

Download Panda Internet Security 2017 free for 6 Months (180 days) free trial.

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8 Total Score

Overall, it is a reliable and among the best available in the market. It's cloud based protection is its greatest achievements.

Virus & Spyware Protection
Firewall Protection
Resource Usage
User Interface
Help and Technical Support
  • Panda has a great cloud-based technology on it which provides 100% protection to the PC.
  • Safe browsing feature which includes anti phishing and online browsing protection.
  • Disk rescue feature that recovers PC after corruption of system by viruses.
  • It includes family protection for parental control purpose such as setting time limitation of PC use.
  • Panda informs users about possible threats on PC.
  • It does not include spam links scanner tool.
  • Lack of encryption and file shredding feature.
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