Kaspersky Total Security 2019 90 Days Free Trial Download

Kaspersky Lab is a well-established antivirus security company. It is famous for providing the digital security solution for home, office, and enterprise business. Kaspersky products are well-known since 1991. The software products are free to try for 30 days only. However, we have a promotional offer to get Kaspersky Total Security 2019 90 Days free trial download. The company founded its products to be the highly valuable security solutions across the US and UK. It not only relies on matching virus signature database of all known threats. Besides, it uses heuristic and cloud-based technology for accurate detection of newly emerging threats.

Kaspersky Lab is well known for providing antivirus solution. The total security is a paid product. It also provides 1 Month of free trial use with full functionality enabled. After completion of trial period, users need to purchase a license key from online or retailer. In comparison, there is no difference in features on the trial version. Our 90 days trial installation file is an offline installer. After completion of the installation process, you will have an access to the full protection module.

However, if you have purchased its license key, the product automatically expands the expiry period. As an example, after download and install of this software, it will be free for 30 days only. When you have entered a Kaspersky Total Security purchased license key, You will see the software expires at-least after 1 Year. In conclusion, our free 90 days trial is meant for expending the expiration period and conclude if it is worth to purchase.

How Effective is Kaspersky Total Security 2019 90 days Free Trial?

First of all, we downloaded and installed Kaspersky Total Security 90 days Free trial on optimal Windows PC. We didn’t doubt its detection capability at all. However, on the screening test, it required a system reboot after each threats discovery. But, we didn’t find any mistake in its efficiency. The added protection module also known as safe online money was a bit slow. Whatsoever, it worked well during our online transaction. Independent Lab AV-Test concluded it to be an excellent protection around.

It updated all of the legit software and online applications without any notice or interruption. It was overall accurate for detection.

Kaspersky products come with 30 days fully functional trial and money back guarantee. The products are suitable for all type of home, business, and enterprise security.

Based on our usage, Kaspersky Total Security 2019 is well compatible with all of the modern version of Windows including the latest release of Windows 10. But, it lacks compatibility with an older version such as Windows XP.

Kaspersky Total Security 2019 90 Days Free Trial Key Features

The key functionality of Kaspersky Total Security 2019 90 days trial is not only limited to normal protection behavior. It comes with all of the full features such as PC tuneup, online data backup, password manager and various other tools. Kaspersky Total Security 2019 is dedicated all in one powerful security suite. It contains all necessary features to provide long last protection to the PC. The 3 months trial product is highly reliable and protects your PC from various kinds of security threats.

  • URL Advisor denotes the safety level of websites that you are browsing.
  • It performs application behavior analysis at the real time.
  • The two-way personal firewall protects your PC against any hacking attempts.
  • The Parental Control decent online restriction to keep your kids extra safe.
  • Data backup helps to restore all data when corrupted by malware.
  • Password Manager stores all of your online passwords safely.
  • Data Encryption stores data in a vault. It avoids any unauthorized access and data leak using a password system.
Kaspersky Product Features Antivirus Internet Security Total Security
Real-time Antivirus Protection
Manual Antivirus Scanning
Spyware Protection & Removal
Keylogger Protection
Rootkit Detection & Removal
Anti-phishing Web Protection
Free technical support
Two-way Firewall
Parental Control
Antispam Email Filter
Secure Financial Transactions
Password Manager
Automatic Backup
File Encryption
File Shredder
PC Clean-Up
Control Center

Kaspersky Total Security 2019 90 days free trial also comes with a secure online connection, powered by HotSpot Shield. The free version has some kinds of limitation such as 200 MB data usage per day and the manual IP selection. HotSpot Shield VPN comes with full features support, and there is a special discount code for Kaspersky users.

Kaspersky products have an Anti-Banner feature. It is highly effective in blocking unnecessary banners display on the web page. There are few websites prompt to disable Ad Blocker, but whatsoever there is no problem on Legit site.

Kaspersky Total Security 2019 free 90 days trial download

Kaspersky Total Security 2019 90 days free trial download is an OEM software powered officially by Kaspersky Lab. Although, the trial version of Kaspersky products comes with 30 days license key. But, there is a special promotional offer led by Kaspersky Lab to provide 90 days / 3 Months trial of this product. It works best on your Windows, Smartphones or Tablets.

The installation and activation process is quite simple, just download the setup file and install. After installation, click on activate trial version then the application automatically gets activated for 90 days. After activation, it shows up 92 days remaining that you can check on the subscription.

Note that if you have used the older version of Kaspersky in the past and expired, first you need to reset its trial period. I have explained the activation procedure in the post of Kaspersky Antivirus 2019.

Download Expired!
Kaspersky Total Security 2019

Kaspersky Total Security 2019 90 Days Free Trial

9.5 Total Score

Kaspersky Total Security 2019 contains all of the considerable features as expected on its total security. As considered to its price, features, security, and performance this antivirus software still stands top among its competitors being second among the top ten antiviruses of 2018.

  • Excellent results in AV Lab tests.
  • Scored well on antiphishing test.
  • Auto configurable and easy to use firewall system.
  • Reliable parental control feature.
  • Securely stores and manage online passwords.
  • Secure file shredding.
  • Contains lots of added features.
  • Absence of anti-ransomware feature.
  • Failed to detect spams on some of the tests.
  • Lack of advanced password management feature.
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