K9 Web Protection 2017 Free Download

K9 Web Protection 2017 is web content filtering software. It is especially useful for parental control purpose. The Admin panel contains its program control preferences. All of the control setups can be performed using a web browser such as Internet Explorer in Windows OS. It radically filters and blocks unwanted web content. The latest version of this software comes with various features such as device usage and time restriction.

By default, the program blocks more than 60 categories of illegal and harmful contents such as alcohol, guns, nudity, gambling, and others. Likewise, on highest protection, it protects on all default level including social interaction and unrated sites security.

The four different protection settings come as Moderate, Minimal, Permeable and Custom Selection.

This software is very easy to install and use. Everything works up within a web page where users can configure all of the security settings. The most admired feature is a time limitation of PC usage and also the exclusion of Adults use.

This software comes among the top security software 2017. It displays all logs of internet usage by kids allowing parents to configure the viewable content to be displayed on the web browser.

This program is extremely useful and because of its simplicity and effectiveness, it has managed to be famous among the internet security suite.

Once the program is installed, it opens the Internet Explorer web browser on Windows OS. Users just need to install the password that they never forget and configure everything that they like. The program is mostly targeted as web protection and lacks few features in comparison to its competitors. We highly recommend to get this software in use but never to forget its password as it is not possible to crack down.

K9 Web Protection 2017 Free Download Key Features

Once you have visited the giveaway promo page of K9 Web Protection 2017 free download, it will help you to unlock the key feature functionality of this software.

  • Selection of various web categories to block.
  • Time restriction blocks web access during night hours.
  • Website exceptions are used to allow or block specified sites.
  • The blocking effect makes a sound while in the process and also displays admin options to unlock https restriction.
  • Presents a list of user-defined keywords to restrict with wildcard support.
  • YouTube safety mode forces to redirect on a safe search to block adult words and content.
  • The program records all of the internet activity and displays summary to admin user on demand.

The company provides instant response to user’s query, and there are various FAQs available for help and support. Users can also get the problem resolution on a forum to conclude the right answer.

In an emergency case, you can call them at 1-801-999-2959. But, be sure that it is not toll-free and not considered as live support.

Users can also send direct feedback regarding their experience with this software use.

K9 Web Protection 2017 Free Download

K9 Web Protection 2017 regularly costs $18.50 for single user license key per month. However, interested users can get K9 Web Protection 2017 Free Download 1 Year license.

To get it, you need to visit its promotional page and enter your Name and E-mail address. After submit, 1 Year valid license key will arrive on specified email address. Don’t forget to check Junk or Spam folder in case of delay.

System Requirements

The program requirements are all versions of Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista and XP. Note that it also supports Mac OS.

Get K9 Web Protection
K9 Web Protection 2017 Free 1 Year

K9 Web Protection 2017 Free 1 Year free download exclusive promo offer.

7.5 Total Score

The program is small and works fast. However, the software lacks numerous features found in its competitors. It is highly easy to use and could be the best choice in consideration to its effectiveness, simplicity, and price.

  • Allows safe search and filters adult content.
  • It includes anti-phishing capability.
  • Utilizes cloud based keywords filter to block inappropriate words.
  • The program implements an option for safe search.
  • Internet access scheduler option.
  • Single license key supports one device only.
  • Unusual lag or slowdown.
  • Difficulty in understanding the generated logs.
  • Phishing protection is quite weak.
  • Blocked few safe sites considering them as adult website.
  • No notification, email and remote management available.
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