Identity Guard Platinum 30 Days Free Then $22.99

$22.99 $24.99
Identity Guard Platinum 30 Days Free Then $22.99

Get the best Identity Theft Protection from Identity Guard with 30 days free then pay only $22.99 per month. Cancel at any time! This offer is available for everyone. So, you don't need to enter the promo code.

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Identity Guard offers a various discount offers on its platinum plan in 2018 era. We have altogether Identity Guard Platinum 30 days free trial offer. Then after you will pay only $22.99 per month. However, if you don’t like to use it within 1 month or 30 days trial period, you can cancel at any time. It is highly beneficial to any of their customers to ensure the protection of their identity at an affordable price. All of the discount offer links to its platinum plans is available here. Interested users just need to choose their desired one and follow the link with pre-loaded promo code. You can also contact the Administrator if you nee a discount on certain other plans.

But before going to that let’s have a brief look at its review first. Identity Guard is the top ID theft protection service of 2017. It ensures the safety of your name and personal details and protects it from getting stolen or misused. The coverage includes up to $1 million of insurance policy to sustain the loss from theft. Identity Guard platinum also comes with lost wallet protection feature. Identity Guard also provides smartphone and computer security suite app to ensure the ease of real-time security monitoring of your Identity.

How Do Identity Guard Platinum 30 Days Free Work?

Identity Guard Platinum 30 days free plan provides a personalized user’s defined privacy solution. It works by utilizing its cognitive computing technology to search for theft risks on thousands of sources. Upon confirmation, it notifies users via text or email alerts.

Then the next step is to take action with its inbuilt algorithm. It can quickly detect breaches of personal information and then guides users to take actionable steps to ensure total protection before the problem arise.

It displays the risks level in different color schemes and gets updated in every level of minimization. Due to that, it has become a perfect way of ID theft protection. Now, you can buy it only at $22.99 after the end of 30 days.

Identity Guard 30 Days Free Salient Features

Identity Guard Platinum 30 days free trial comes with wide-range of features to guarantee the protection of identity according to its selected plans:

Monitoring and Alerts

Identity Guard monitors credit score at real time with three credit agencies. It looks for stolen personal information on online black markets and public profiles for misuse. It reports clients via text message and email if it finds anything suspicious. Identity Guard itself doesn’t inform the bureaus about theft or misuse; regardless users can configure alert on their own.

Recovery Assistance

Identity Guard Platinum 30 days free plan comes with the most dominant type of theft recovery assistance. It provides dedicated support to guide users throughout the process. Although fraud prevention service doesn’t come with any declaration instead, it offers $1 million insurance coverage.

It comes with individual Lost Wallet recovery assistance. Identity Guard guides users throughout the process of credit card cancellation and replacement. It offers up to $2,000 in case of immediate cash requirement. Most of its users have highly appreciated this feature while being out of the residence and got the wallet lost or stolen.

Information Protected

Identity Guard is far beyond than just providing regular theft protection service of your personal information. It monitors the unusual activity in your bank account, medical insurance card including loan and leases records. Identity Guard Platinum achieved Bronze Award for providing best ID theft protection service in 2018.

Identity Guard looks for criminal activity using your identity but not of a sex offender as they might be using a different address.

Extra Features

Identity Guard Platinum 30 days free also provides the computer and mobile security suite. It is essential for the protection of information breaches throughout the internet. Identity Guard removes your name from online junk lists to prevent misuse of your stolen credit cards numbers. With an added fee, it provides Children Identity Theft Protection Service feature. The feature is essential because your kids won’t be much concerned about protecting their privacy and they have many chances of getting their identity hacked.

Identity Guard Plans and Pricings

Protection Plans Essentials (with Watson) Total Protection Platinum
Price $19.99 per month $19.99 per month $24.99 per month
3-bureau credit monitoring
Social security number monitoring
Online "dark web" monitoring
ID verification alerts
Account takeover alerts
Address change monitoring
Public record monitoring
Bank account takeover alerts
Checking and savings account application alerts
Near real-time alerts
Credit scores and reports (3 bureaus): Monthly
Credit scores and reports (3 bureaus): Quarterly
3-Bureau credit analyzer
IBM® Watson™
Identity Guard® algorithm
Personalized threat alerts
Personal risk assessment
Identity dashboard
Proactive action steps
Dedicated case manager
60-day monitoring
$1 million identity theft insurance**
Lost wallet protection
Education services
Automatic case openings
US-based customer care
ID Vault password protection
PC antivirus software
Block malicious websites
Ad blocking
Flash blocking
Block tracking cookies
Block phishing sites
Social privacy manager
Anti-phishing app
Account access via mobile app
PC keyboard encryption software
Online financial tools
Identity Guard Platinum 30 Days Free Customer Service

Identity Guard offers 15 hours of phone support on weekdays and 9 hours on weekends. However, Customer service doesn’t answer the unusual email queries on Weekends and holidays. The Customers’ needs notifying them via the direct phone call to get a quick reply. Identity Guard Platinum 30 days free also provides help and support online. But due to the large volume of customers, there could be a delay in response.

Identity Guard Platinum 30 days free plan offers access to various credit education tools and specialists for prevention of fraud. ITAC (Identity Theft Assistance Center Program) supports and guides users through the process of credit profiles recovery.

Identity Guard Complaints

Unfortunately, the Identity Guard Platinum user interface is quite confusing, and customer service is not easy to reach. We are on the Total Protection plan coverage, but it advertises to purchase the same service twice under different names. It could be misleading to customers.

Identity Guard 30 Days Free then $22.99 Per Month - Cancel Anytime!

Get the best Identity Theft Protection from Identity Guard with 30 days free then pay only $22.99 per month. Cancel at any time! This offer is available for everyone. So, you don't need to enter the promo code.

$22.99 $24.99

Identity Guard Platinum 30 Days Free Then $22.99
8 Total Score

Identity Guard has an excellent customer service. All of the customers have provided positive feedback about the company. Identity Guard has managed to build up the unique reputation in ID theft protection service and has achieved the Top 1 score among best Identity Theft Protection Service of 2018. Its lost wallet protection feature is found to be very useful for travelers. If you are looking for the total theft protection of your Identity with excellent performance, Identity Guard will be the best choice.

Customer Care & Support
Recovery Guarantee
Additional Services
Achievements & Recognition
Customer Experience
  • 30 Days free trial service.
  • Insurance plan coverage up to $1 million.
  • Vehicle driving license number and registration plate number full protection.
  • Highly recommended and positive feedback from all of the existing customers.
  • Providing reliable ID theft protection service from 18 years.
  • Quick customer support.
  • Customers service is not available 24/7, and email support requires phone contact for quick reply.
  • Extra fees required for children protection.
  • It is bit expensive as compared to ID theft protection service. But, it is considerable because of additional features availability.
  • It doesn’t contain Credit Card misuse alert.
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