Hulu Live TV Beta

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Hulu Live TV Beta
Watch Shows and Movies Anytime, Anywhere! From current episodes and original series to kids shows and hit movies, Hulu has something for everyone. Users can fill out the form submit to get 2 years of Hulu!
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It is said that Hulu Live TV is in beta. The beta TV has ongoing further progress before the final announcement. However, we find it harder to conclude as a beta service. It is mainly because of technical facts regarding quality-of-service. It is not unknown to us that Hulu Live TV beta supports most of our streaming devices. As per the service maintained, beta monthly subscription cost $40.

At the springtime of 2017, we came to know about Hulu Live TV Beta streaming service. At less than a Year of time, the only beta TV amassed 450,000 subscribers. But that was not much comparable at the term when Hulu introduced an on-demand service. At the next time, enormous 17,000,000 subscribers joined beta streaming service. It is comparatively very high but still, Hulu ranked 4th among the whole American TV streaming services.

Beta or not, it is not unknown to us that Beta TV still has a high value in its quality-of-service. It combines many popular TV shows, on-demand channels at a free trial cost. You may have known that on-demand service cost $8 per month. Moreover, Hulu Live TV beta allows customizing its service features. We all can modify things such as limited commercials, extra streams, storage and more. At the interface, you can check some of the recommended TV Shows.

Hulu Live TV DVR

Like most of other premium streaming service providers, Hulu Live TV beta does offer DVR recording. You can conveniently record your desired live TV shows with Hulu Live TV DVR to watch it next time. At most of the time, you have 50 hours of cloud DVR storage. Though it depends on the base subscription, you won’t be able to skip through commercials.

Despite, you can still skip through commercial ads at an extra worth of $14.99 per month. Most importantly, you will receive 200 hours of extra cloud DVR storage. You must have seen the details of-of storage left at your Hulu’s interface. Hulu also allows you to customize your recording preferences.

In regard to the cost, Hulu Live TV DVR seems like a 2019 best service when tied with YouTube TV. It covers major networks, local, regional sports and news channels. Altogether, it won’t cost you anything extra.

How Many People Can Watch HULU at Once?

Whenever you subscribe to Hulu Live TV Beta, you will be able to watch live and your on-demand TV from more than 50 top channels. It includes all local TV channels on sports, news, and others. In addition, you can access all the Hulu’s streaming library. Now, you can watch a full season of high-class series, Hulu’s Originals, hit movies and many more.

You just need to submit your ZIP code to check all of the available channels of your area. As per your subscription, Hulu on-demand library allows you to access thousands of many movies and shows. You can also customize your Hulu Live TV Beta service. It allows you to include other features such as HBO, Cinemax, ShowTime into your subscription.

Besides, you can only watch up to two screens simultaneous wise. However, we cannot regret it as per the subscription purchased. But Hulu also allows you to upgrade for an unlimited screen. It mostly costs you $14.99 a month.

Finally, you and your household members can watch Hulu Live TV streaming. It applies a network condition on the number of people who can watch at the same network. But for many times, you can access three screens outside. We saw the most important condition at the beta subscription. It declared that you cannot share your subscription as it is only meant for your household.

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Hulu doesn’t require a contract or long-term commitment to signup. Its a serious contender among premium streaming service provider and a solid alternative to your cable TV. If it suits your requirements, we offer you to try Hulu Live TV beta.

Channel Quality
Streaming Quality
Device Support
  • A simple Monthly plan at just $40.
  • On-demand library access.
  • Includes 50 hours of cloud DVR storage facility.
  • Expensive add-ons.
  • Skip commercials require DVR upgrade.
  • Permits only two screens at once.
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