F-Secure Safe 2018 Giveaway 1 Year 5 Devices totally free

F-Secure Safe 2018 is all in one comprehensive security solution against any threats. Now we have a giveaway for 1 Year of totally free of charge. Protect up to 5 devices that include Windows, Mac, Android and iOS with a new single security solution.

It is actually dedicated to providing security for users on computer, tablets and mobile devices. F-Secure safe 2018 is an amazing kind of security solution. It is combined with features and functionality of all the F-Secure technology services in a single security service. It is available to install on your favorite devices as software or an app. Now, you can finally enjoy peace of mind while surfing the internet or working offline. It ensures the safety of your family and kids.

F-Secure SAFE is designed for online protection to secure all kinds of devices such as PC, Mac, smartphones, and tablets. It is the best security Software or App product that can protect all of your devices from online threats. The parental control protects your children by letting you determine the sites that could be favorable to browse. It safeguards your kids from watching adult content on the internet such as blood, violence, guns, etc. F-Secure SAFE got a built-in feature to find your device in case of loss or theft. All of the features and services of F-Secure safe is very easy to safeguard your online browsing experience with any device.

The F-Secure SAFE 2018 is a multi-platform online security software that is available for all of the modern systems which include Mac, iOS, Android, Windows PC and phone.

F-Secure Safe 2018 Features

It basically provides protection against any online threats such as malware, hacking attempts. It also protects your identity from getting theft. F-secure Safe 2018 also comes with a parental control module that ensures the safety of your children over the internet. While it is active, it blocks malicious websites, inappropriate and harmful online content. You can also manually setup that your children can view online. One of the exiting features of F-Secure safe is device locator. It is helpful to get your device back in case of lost or stolen. All of the features and functionality of this product is very easy to setup and configure. You will feel the difference while you are on it!

Virus Protection:

Very efficient to protect device and data from Trojans, malware, viruses, and spyware ensuring the safety of privacy.

Online Banking and Browsing Activity Protection:

It handles all security requirement so users can be worry free of their online activity and banking passwords.

Network Protection:

The program typically ensures the safety of internet connection and blocks virus transfer through networks.

Family Protection:

F-Secure Safe provides options to block illegal and harmful websites that usually displays an adult content, violence and others. It will help to overcome adverse effect on your family online experience and computer usage.

Device Tracker:

Useful in case device lost or stolen, it can track the location and users can also delete all of their private information through the F-Secure account.

Gaming Mode:

Now you can play your favorite games without any interruption because of system slow down or notification and even you don’t need to turn off the security program.

How to get F-Secure Safe 2018 Giveaway 1 Year 5 Devices

In order to obtain 5 devices 1 Year subscription giveaway of F-Secure Safe 2018, you simply need to visit the promotional page. The promo page is actually F-Secure Virgin Mobile campaign so, you might be in need of our free VPN service. You need to fill up the registration form with your first and last name, email address and then set your desired password. Then you will receive an email for verification. Finally, you can create an account on F-Secure. While being on the account page you can select your devices to install the F-Secure safe. However, it must not exceed more than 5. Finally, you can have F-Secure Safe 2018 on your 5 devices totally free of charge.

Terms and Conditions of this Giveaway Offer

The giveaway is for 1 Year 5 devices.

It is recommended for home and personal use only.

The subscription validity period will start from the moment of registration.

You will receive free updates and upgrades during the giveaway period.

There is no premium technical support available.

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