Best VPN Service 2018

You must be looking for the best VPN Service 2018 to privately browse the web and be anonymous online. If you are curious to watch live streaming media online access blocked or censored website, the best VPN Service 2018 is for you. The service will particularly encrypt the connection between the server, ISP, and your device. It will keep your activity safe at all time. Some of our best VPN uses up to AES-256-bit military grade encryption. So, you won’t have to worry at all about government agencies and your ISP spying on you. Your connection and activity will be safe and secure all the time. Before you choose your favorite VPN among the best one, make sure they have no logs policy. Even if they have you need to validate that they don’t have the policy to share.

The furthermost thing about the VPN is the reason for using it. So first think about the features and quality you normally expect in the best VPN service 2018. It is only possible on from comparison in our website. You can easily perform using the add to compare icon on post and category of VPN. After that, you will see everything crystal clear about your desired VPN service and choose the one you need. We also have a best VPN deals, sale offers, and special discount promo code.

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  • Supported OS
  • Allows 5+ Simultaneous Connections
  • 500+ Servers
  • Geographically Diverse Servers
  • P2P or BitTorrent
  • Advanced Features
  • Ad-Blocking
  • Free Trial Available


NordVPN is recommended for general users. While this VPN service is really awesome. It hasn’t left even a single feature missing that we normally expect in a best VPN service 2018. So, NordVPN has become a top choice for most of the VPN users. It supports more than 500 servers in World-Wide locations and they are the fastest performing server area. Since this offer is available for everyone, so you might not be in a need of a coupon code to get discount.


PureVPN is highly recommended for speed demons. That means it is used for online gaming, downloads, and uploads. The VPN offers the highest speed 500+ server’s location. But, it lacks an ad blocking feature and there is no trial version of this service available. However, we have a massive discount offer if you are interested in purchasing this best VPN service 2018. PureVPN is a highly admired VPN service of 2018. The company was actually established in 2007 with only 2 server locations. But, now it has grown up to provide only the highest level of high-speed servers in 141 countries. We bet this VPN is worth to purchase!

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN ranks 3rd in our best VPN service 2018 review. This is because of its two missing features that are unavailability of Geographically diverse servers and P2P support. However, if you are not messing much with the internet this VPN has lots of server’s location. We recommended it for first-time users. Whatsoever, we cannot also regret its highest speed performance and better anonymity capability. So, this is our another worth to purchase VPN.

HotSpot Shield VPN Elite

If you are the fan of VPN then you must have already known about HotSpot Shield VPN elite. It is the world’s famous VPN that lacks few advanced features. So, that’s the reason it has established the 4th position in our review. HotSpot Shield VPN elite offers the maximum level of online security and anonymity. So, it is the online shoppers and surfer’s best VPN service 2018. It is the World’s most trusted and highly used VPN service. It is also available to use free 200 MB data limitation per day on Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 product.

Hide My Ass Pro VPN (HMA)

Hide My Ass is another bad ass VPN for not providing a free trial version for test purpose. This VPN comes with the highest level of security. But, lacks few features such as Ad-blocking. The VPN is extremely recommended for highest level of anonymity and online security purpose. HMA VPN service offers 30 days of money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction. With Hide My Ass Pro VPN you can enjoy internet freedom with overall confidence.

Avira Phantom VPN

It is our editor’s best choice VPN. Our editor is currently enjoying this VPN 1 Year free. While this VPN is recommended especially for Bit torrent users or online downloads the server locations are quite limited. But, it comes with every feature that we expect in best VPN service 2018.


Everybody likes to travel and enjoy peace of mind using the best VPN service 2018. SaferVPN is quite safe to let you access your online logins without any problems with IP locations and cookies. However, this VPN is not specially built for P2P users. Compared to other VPN service it has 10 GBPS server speed without any throttling and slowdown. It is our top speed VPN service provider.


It is also mostly recommended for speed demons. It comes with 250+ worldwide server’s location and it is not missing any expected features. However, its headquarter is located on some unknown Island near Singapore. So, IVACY VPN doesn’t follow international disturbances for privacy leaks. They never log your activity or reveal to the third party. Your privacy remains safe at all time. IVACY VPN is the superb promising VPN service of 2018. Users say it is most safe to rely on VPN service provider.

VPN Express

VPN Express comes handy for Bit-torrent users. It is specially designed for maximum download speed and the highest level of speed for P2P users. It doesn’t come with huge server locations but does not lack considerable features of VPN service. VPN Express offers only 7 days of money back guarantee. It supports PayPal, Bitcoin, and various other payment gateways.

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