AVG Internet Security 2018 1 Year Trial Free Download

AVG Internet Security 2018 costs $69.99 for 1 Year license key. It comes with 30 Days trial like other security software. But, there is a promotional offer on COMSS to get AVG Internet Security 2018 1 Year trial free download.

With the help of giveaway license key, you can activate AVG Internet Security 2018 for 1 Year free trial. Regarding the features and protection, there is no difference between this free 1 Year trial and the paid one. It works perfectly on all popular editions of Windows OS. The free download link is at the end.

It won’t be a good idea to use PC without any best internet security software. The good news is that software such as AVG Internet Security 2018 provides free protection for Windows PC.

AVG is not a newly established Antivirus product. It is a well-known security solution since 1991. The software comes with a free trial download. The company has now found its products as highly valuable security solutions across US and UK. The product mainly works by matching its virus signature database of all known threat.

AVG is well known for providing free antivirus solution. The product also comes as Pro version which is a paid version of AVG. The difference in both is the limitation of features and functionality. In comparison with AVG Free Antivirus and Pro, there is a vast difference in the function. The installation file simply comes with an online installer. After installation, you will see a limited protection module. However, if you have purchased its license key, the product automatically gets converted to the concerned edition of the supported license type. As an example, after download and install of this software, it will be a free antivirus protection. If you have entered an AVG Internet Security 2018 license key, it will itself gets converted to it. Hence, you won’t have to worry about uninstalling and reinstalling the same product.

AVG Internet Security 2018 Key Features

AVG Internet Security 2018 has several key features such as real-time protection and web firewall. It also contains some extra features such as artificial intelligence that uses cloud-based detection technology. It is highly beneficial to remove potentially unwanted programs from the PC. Also, the features on 2018 version are an online shield, behavioral analysis, file encryption and data shredder.

AVG Internet Security offers several forms of protection. The Anti-Virus tool stops any viruses, spyware, worms, and Trojans incoming to the computer. The Resident Shield usually scans files while they are copied, opened or saved. The default action is to ask before removing threats. It alerts for suspicious behavior which is useful to identify the cause of the security breach. The Anti-Rootkit tool can detect these otherwise invisible threats that can attack to gain access your computer.

Another useful tool is the Link Scanner. It checks the results of online searches. The email scanner checks both incoming and outgoing emails and finds out Spam and viruses. Lastly, the Identity Protection detects and blocks possible ID theft attempts.

  • Antivirus Protection guards against malware, viruses, spyware and other threats.
  • It uses a real-time protection on every corner of the PC.
  • AVG uses Artificial Intelligence for behavior analysis.
  • An anti-ransomware feature prevents your data and files from getting encrypted and locked down by hackers.
  • Anti-spam filters all email attachments to protect from scams and fraud.
  • AVG advanced firewall prevents unauthorized access to confidential data and protects sensitive information from prying eyes.
  • The link scanner and online shield are highly useful to find malicious online redirection links.
  • It removes potentially unwanted programs known as PUPs.
  • It utilizes a cloud-based protection technology to find out zero-day threats.
  • The behavioral analysis finds out malicious program behavior.
  • Safeguards public Wi-Fi connection and also prompts users to take necessary action.
  • AVG 2018 products come with encryption feature.
  • File shredder helps to securely delete any type of data.

AVG Security 2018 1 Year Free Trial Activation Procedure

First of all, download AVG Internet Security Pro 2018. During installation, it will pop up to enter a license key or continue as AVG Antivirus Free. Now, choose a Free version and install. After that, update it by clicking on “Fix All Issues.” Now, it will ask you to try AVG Antivirus Pro 2018 free for 30 days. Click on the button, and it will download and update it to the latest version. Finally, you can apply the 1 Year free trial activation key, and it gets converted to Internet Security with 1 Year Trial.

The activation procedure seems to be quite easy. The product update doesn’t take much time even in a normal internet speed. Starting from version 17, AVG Products Package comes with an online installer. But, it will update it to the latest version and provide you full protection for 1 Year at no cost.

Terms and Conditions of License Key

  • This license key is for home and personal use only.
  • You will get free upgrades during the evaluation period.
  • No technical support available.
  • Only valid for AVG 2018 products.

AVG Internet Security 2018 1 Year Trial Facts

The software is compatible with all Popular Version of Windows. We tested it on our Windows PC and found it to be easy to use and operate. It was clean, modern type of interface with all the functionality required. AVG download package activation depends upon the serial key used. That means after entering AVG Internet Security 1 Year trial key, it will provide you 1 Year free subscription.

AV Lab Test Results

The Independent Lab AV-Test has performed the various tests on AVG Internet Security 2018. The 1 Year trial was concluded it to be accurate in the detection system. It also comes with an excellent behavioral protection and infected system repair. Antivirus scan speed was average, but there were not any false positives.

Online shield feature is only available in its premium version. On our test, we tried opening various sites with malicious behavior and found AVG effectiveness to be excellent on differentiating malicious and legit sites. Most of all, it is fantastic because there was not much difference in protection. The added feature known as an online shield can also guard against phishing websites.

The antivirus works well on intrusion prevention during idle time on a computer. Besides, the gaming mode feature lets users play their favorite games on PC. It seems like it helps to avoid any interruptions. Also, AVG Internet Security 2018 identifies the safe files and excludes them during the idle scan process. There is an option to create a bootable rescue disk, useful in case of system failure and to get everything back as usual.

Help and Support

Regarding aid and support, there is a ticket based email support system. Any user can send their query and get the right solution at the right time. Besides, AVG Internet Security 2018 also recommends reading FAQs and Knowledgebase before going on for live chat support. However, telephone support is available 24/7 for all existing customers.

AVG Internet Security 2018 1 Year trial free download is well worth to buy for commercial use.  The 1 Year trial free download is probably the best internet security software of 2018. It protects PC from any viruses, malware and other security threats. Though there is Android version available, it also works well on Linux and Mac system. The company claims that AVG Antivirus Pro has the highest download record in 2017.

AVG is lightweight in the system and ranks among the top ten antiviruses of 2018. It is easy to use and compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. On Windows 10 you can either use Microsoft security essentials or rather try out AVG Antivirus software.

AVG Internet Security 2018 Giveaway License

Enter the license number: IBY9X-ESYXT-W4BZQ-QI4WX-A9LI7-INRS3

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8.5 Total Score

It includes all of the features required for overall protection of computer unless you don’t expect to use parental control and doesn’t come under the top 10 security products of 2018.

8.5Editor's score
Virus & Spyware Protection
Firewall Protection
Resource Usage
Technical Support
8.1User's score
Virus & Spyware Protection
Firewall Protection
Resource Usage
Technical Support
  • It provides reliable protection against malware.
  • Blocks malicious URL while browsing.
  • File encryption provides a maximum level of security to sensitive documents.
  • File Shredder makes sure that deleted files are unrecoverable.
  • Better protection from phishing and online scam.
  • A new version is available for Android.
  • Rated as an excellent security software by Antivirus Lab.
  • It comes without parental control feature.
  • It provides simple protection from phishing and spam.
  • No live chat support for all users.
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  1. 4.1
    Virus & Spyware Protection
    Firewall Protection
    Resource Usage
    Technical Support

    It includes all of the features I do need for keep my PC running as new. Its great!!

    + PROS: It provides reliable protection against malware. Blocks malicious URL while browsing. File encryption provides maximum level of security to important documents. File Shredder makes sure that deleted files cannot be recovered.
    - CONS: Basic protection from phishing and spam. No live chat support for customers.

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