AMC Security Pro Coupon Code 25% OFF

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AMC Security Pro Coupon Code 25% OFF
IObit AMC Security Pro at 25% off limited time offer. Buy now at just $7.49 for 3 devices 1 Year subscription license (was $9.99).
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$7.49 $9.99 Buy It Now
Deal Score+1
$7.49 $9.99 Buy It Now

AMC Security Pro is a paid Android Mobile Care app from IObit. It is designed for small security purpose especially on your Android devices. The key idea is to clean, boost and protect your Android phone and tablets performance. IObit claims that the app currently has 20 Million trusted users World-wide. However, we don’t doubt that it could be harder to get an app that can make your device perform relatively fast as a brand new. It is actually available in 38 different languages.

Besides, AMC Security Pro secures your device at a real-time against malware and phishing website. In addition, you will have a total protection for your online privacy. IObit AMC Security Pro supports Android version 4.0.3 and up. A current developing version is at 5.

AMC Security Pro Android App

IObit claims to have a higher benefit on using AMC Security Pro Android app. It boosts up to 200% extra mobile performance. It simply cleanups your unwanted mobile junks on storage, RAM and process. The app removes unwanted notifications and speedups your mobile gaming performance.

IObit power booster makes your battery durable using four different types of saving mode. We need to know that the processors in our phones and tablets have never been more efficient. Manufacturers allowing us to do so much more than ever before with the limited energy stored in the battery. At times, when we’re cut off from a mains supply, most of us find ourselves willing the battery to last that little bit longer. So, we can catch up on our emails or play a game a little longer.

Of course, some functions consume more power than others. We know that switching off the GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when we’re not using them. As well as dimming the screen will improve battery life. The snag is that turning features on and off is a hassle and it’s all too easy to forget. Here we look at how to use an AMC Security Pro app that does all this for us. It allows us to select different profiles depending on our circumstances and the amount of charge remaining in the battery. If you use the app, a flat battery should be a much less common occurrence.

Now, the most important benefits come with the privacy locker in AMC Security Pro app. Finally, you don’t need to use a separate security app to protect your phone data and information from prying eyes. You can easily hide your secret phone number, call logs and SMS on your phone. Nobody will be able to access them once you have your protection option selected.

It is overall your full security guard with an advanced anti-theft and anti-phishing protection. Also, we don’t have a possibility to doubt on its online payment security technology. Finally, you won’t have to worry about online frauds and scams once you have enabled it on your Android device.

AMC Security Pro Coupon Code

AMC Security Pro 2018 costs $9.99 for up to 3 devices comprehensive cloud protection. However, we have AMC Security Pro 2018 coupon code at 25% discount. Now, you can purchase AMC Security Pro at just $7.49. It is $2.50 deducted from the original product price. Now, we have a final price at exactly 25% off. You have 60 Days of money back guarantee from IObit.

AMC Security also comes in a free version. However, you will have some limitation during a free trial usage. Some of the customers experienced inadequate help and support on the free app use. So, finally, we managed AMC Security Pro coupon code at 50% discount. It will help you to get the app on your Android device at the cheaper rate.

10 Total Score

AMC Security Pro optimization feature is probably a handy app for budget oriented Android phone users. But, the app is double packed with the great features of both security and optimization tools. So, it is also popular among higher performance phone users. You will see on the app store that most of its customers have the positive feedback regarding this app. An extensive range of benefits from AMC Security Pro is a great choice for us.

  • Auto scan & cleanups your mobile as scheduled.
  • No ads for cleaner and safer mobile.
  • Secure your payment when shopping online.
  • Anti-phishing for safer online surfing.
  • Anti-theft to wipe your important data remotely.
  • Clean and easy to use interface.
  • Extensive range of features.
  • No unnecessary notifications at all.
  • A bit pricey without our discount coupon code.
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